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        Company Profile

        Shanghai Leadgo-tech established in 1999 is a high tech enterprise, adhere to Safety, One step, Local support, Efficient(SOLE) principle, focus on develop, manufacture and supply composite material. and actively using new process, new technology manufacturing high performance composite mould,

        So far we have successfully delivered our service to 10 various market sectors like Wind Energy, Marine, Transportation, and Aerospace. We are proud to have well known customers among these market sectors.

        Our 1000m² Technology / R&D center in Shanghai with many of world advanced testing and analyzing equipments has contributed to develop a complete range of vacuum bagging materials, and research term already holding more than 10 patents.

        Large 30 000㎡manufacturing site in Ningbo including modernized plant , a large number of advanced equipments and through quality manage system ,all plants already passed AS9100.

        The company has established sales service networks in North America, South America and Europe.

        Based on wild sales network, professional technical team and through after sale service system, we will provide more professional and reliable service for wide clients at home and abroad.

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